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Our team of professional vets are available outside of business hours by appointment. Unfortunately, without an accurate veterinary diagnosis, you’re probably going to get a long list of cure-alls from turmeric to lemon juice and a plethora of possible (and impossible) causes. Neutering.

When the temperature is over 65 degrees, do not leave your dog in a vehicle. Keep your dog on a leash while walking, and ensure adequate training and socialization. Are they showing any symptoms of heatstroke? That’s especially true around the holidays when the family dog is treated to rich, fatty table foods.

Be prepared to discuss the cost of the emergency pet care treatment. During this time, the veterinary team will include you in your pet’s care and update you on recommendations for further testing and possible treatment. For Pet Owners. Be Ready for a Veterinary Emergency. Is your pet unconscious?

Emergency Vet Dublin. Established in 2003, we have a wealth of experience in providing emergency treatment and care to ill and injured pets. A well-executed triage means that your pet is evaluated and moved to the correct level of urgency as seamlessly and quickly as possible. Eye injury. For the sake of your furry friend, be aware and prepare!. 

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If you have a package or estimate of how much your pet ate, it is extremely helpful. We treat pets that have been injured in a car accidents, sick pets, and pets that are displaying alarming behaviors like vomiting. For the very highest standard of Dublin Vet care, get in contact with our veterinary clinic today.

When registering at Animal Trust, you will have 24/7 access to our local emergency vet clinics, even if the location you have registered with doesn't currently offer emergency care in-house. Then, stabilize your pet with towels, a box, or other item while transporting them to the closest emergency hospital.

It’s probable that you have a First Aid kit in your home, and perhaps in your car. While these may not be immediate threats to your pet’s health, they should be followed up on, since subtle changes can precede a more serious problem. For the sake of your furry friend, be aware and prepare!.

Have they been bitten by a snake? It’s probable that you have a First Aid kit in your home, and perhaps in your car. This may involve phoning your preferred veterinary clinic for instruction, driving to the nearest ER hospital, or calling the Animal Poison Control Hotline (in the event of toxicity). Alternative Medicine. 

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Triage, the steps taken to stabilize the medical emergency, means that we start treatment based on levels of care. The first order of business is to determine what the substance is and how much your pet ingested, while at the same time seeking veterinary care. Outside of these hours please contact your regular Veterinary Practice. Animal attack/bite Wolverhampton.

For the safety of our customers, we are following all HSE and WHO health and hygiene standards. If the item in question can be seen and easily dislodged, do so. Our pets can become ill when we least expect it. The inside of the car will reach much higher temperatures rapidly, even when it is cool outside..

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The goal of triage is to get the patient stable enough to start more intensive diagnostic testing and examination. Ensure household medicines are locked or shut away safely in a cupboard high up with restricted access. Nevertheless, serious conditions we see frequently are:. Veterinary Services.

Total Hip Replacement. You may wonder what to do, and how you can help until getting your pet to a hospital. Common Pet Emergency Situations. Emergencies happen, even if we are prepared. For the very highest standard of Dublin Vet care, get in contact with our veterinary clinic today.

I operate the only house calls, 24hr emergency service for veterinary care throughout Northside and Southside Dublin City and County. Even if your pet isn’t in immediate danger of choking, a swallowed item can lodge in the digestive system and cause severe problems. Second Opinion Vets.

We provide out of hours care to the clients of over fifty member practices in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We continue to update our practices according to the latest HSE and WHO recommendations. In these scenarios, the scene can be scary and confusing for you and your pet. Inability to defecate/straining to urinate. Second Opinion Vets.