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For the very highest standard of Dublin Vet care, get in contact with our veterinary clinic today. Emergency Vets are available by appointmentsMon to Friday 9 pm to 9 am.Sat 5.30pm to Monday 9 am. Ensure household medicines are locked or shut away safely in a cupboard high up with restricted access.

Eye injury. Referring Veterinarians. Are they frothing at the mouth or drooling lots? Second Opinion Vets. Common Pet Emergency Situations. During this time, the veterinary team will include you in your pet’s care and update you on recommendations for further testing and possible treatment.

Despite the differences in emergencies, most require seeking veterinary care. Have they been bitten by a snake? Difficulty with birth (more than a few hours between puppies/kittens). Book a Virtual Vet Consultation. A Pet First Aid kit is something we highly recommend. Do they seem weak, or unsteady?

Trafford. If you’re taking your dog for a walk, always keep your dog on a lead around high traffic areas. Clinical histories, xrays and test results are emailed to your vet so that treatment can continue seamlessly. Is your pet unconscious? The American Red Cross offers tutorials and in-person classes on pet medical emergencies. 

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Trafford traffic, or away from an attack) is the first critical step (ensuring your own safety in the process). Do you suspect they have broken a bone? If the emergency is deemed critical, it is the most immediate level, meaning that it’s a dire situation, such as your pet isn’t breathing.

Stay Safe. Please be aware that if your pet is not a critical case other cases may be seen before your pet. Choking on toys, balls, and other things can be an immediate emergency. Local Amenities. These kits can be helpful when managing a medical emergency or natural disaster before help is available.

Oncology. Do they have a gaping, open wound? Are they frothing at the mouth or drooling lots? Second Opinion Vets. You may wonder what to do, and how you can help until getting your pet to a hospital. Internal Medicine. Any condition where a pet seems to be getting rapidly worse. Internal Medicine.

What to do if your pet is in an emergency. For Referring Veterinarians. Never hesitate to call us, or feel like you are bothering us with a trivial complaint; your pet's safety and welfare is our number one priority. Calmly and safely take your pet to the emergency veterinary clinic. Get in contact with Emergency Vet Dublin now. 

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We know how stressful emergency situations can be. Pets, particularly dogs, are curious about everything, and use their mouths to explore items from small to large. Do they seem weak, or unsteady? Triage, the steps taken to stabilize the medical emergency, means that we start treatment based on levels of care. Dermatology & Allergy.

Established in 2003, we have a wealth of experience in providing emergency treatment and care to ill and injured pets. If you need an emergency vet for your pet in Trafford. Then, stabilize your pet with towels, a box, or other item while transporting them to the closest emergency hospital.

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Difficulty breathing or choking on a foreign object. Get in contact with our night clinic now. Do they seem weak, or unsteady? We provide out of hours care to the clients of over fifty member practices in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Distended or bloated abdomen. Have they had/are they having a seizure?

These units will have specialized technologies and equipment, much like a human ICU, where the veterinarian can closely monitor your pet. Refilling Your Pet’s Prescriptions with Ease. Weeknights 7pm until 8am. Emergency Vet Dublin would like to reassure customers that we are operating as normal.

Be prepared to discuss the cost of the emergency pet care treatment. Exercise Nutrition & Obesity. Our team of professional vets are available outside of business hours by appointment. Please be aware that if your pet is not a critical case other cases may be seen before your pet. Poisoning.

Here is a list of medical emergencies that come through our door. How do emergency vets work? Our Dunboyne and Dundrum Hospitals are open 7 days a week and will have access to all your medical records from any of our other practices. When the temperature is over 65 degrees, do not leave your dog in a vehicle. Vomiting or diarrhea that continues Trafford.