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Fall from the roof or higher. Please be aware that if your pet is not a critical case other cases may be seen before your pet. Established in 2003, we have a wealth of experience in providing emergency treatment and care to ill and injured pets. Veterinary Services. Book an Appointment.

Diagnostic Imaging. During this time, the veterinary team will include you in your pet’s care and update you on recommendations for further testing and possible treatment. We will carry out any treatments or investigations needed and will refer you back to your registered practice the next working day.

Are they frothing at the mouth or drooling lots? Choking or respiratory distress. Pet parasite prevention is a year-round necessity. This OVRS Emergency Guide gives you the basics of what constitutes an emergency and what to expect, including the steps to take should you need to act quickly.

Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Home Renovation. Animal attack/bite. Emergency Vet Clinic. Neutering. Or, you wake up to hear your cat retching in the hall, after vomiting throughout the night. Now what?!. That means that our priority always is, always will be and always has been, the health and care of the animals…. Local Amenities in Sunderland 

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Does your pet require the attention of a professional vet outside of normal business hours? Careers. Refilling Your Pet’s Prescriptions with Ease. While in the hospital, you can expect the veterinarian to run certain types of tests such as blood work, X-ray, ultrasound, and other forms of imaging.

The best approach, when you get that sense that something is off with your pet, is to have them examined. For most, the typical response is to run to the phone or computer and look up the symptoms on Google. At Emergency Vet Dublin, we provide the highest standards in pet care. CT Scans.

Cardiology. You come home from a long day at work and notice that your pet is acting unusual and doesn’t want to eat his dinner. Ophthalmology. Other emergencies we’ve addressed in previous blogs are cancer emergencies, seizures, and kidney failure (if your pet is diagnosed with kidney disease).

In these scenarios, the scene can be scary and confusing for you and your pet. These situations are not so uncommon for our animal friends, and you have likely had a scare or two before. Treat your pet as you would a toddler, and do a sweep of all potentially dangerous items, such as medications and house cleaners, and stow them away. 

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By being prepared, seeking help quickly, and following through on treatment needs, we are sure that your pet will come through an emergency with flying colors. Our top tips for preventing emergency pet accidents. Stay Safe. Are they showing any symptoms of heatstroke? At The Pet Emergency Hospital We aim to keep waiting times to a minimum.

Nevertheless, serious conditions we see frequently are:. Get in contact with our night clinic now. Free Consultations. Veterinary Emergencies. Book a Virtual Vet Consultation. For the very highest standard of Dublin Vet care, get in contact with our veterinary clinic today. Dermatology & Allergy.

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You can also take steps to prevent several common accidents and illnesses by implementing the following safety precautions:. Out of traffic, or away from an attack) is the first critical step (ensuring your own safety in the process). Almost every pet will experience a veterinary emergency in their lifetime.

Time is of essence in a critical situation. First Aid kits come in especially handy when you aren’t in proximity to a veterinary clinic, such as when out camping, traveling, or during an evacuation. Our team of professional vets are available outside of business hours by appointment in Sunderland

On behalf of all the staff at the PEH we thank you for your cooperation in this time. The goal of triage is to get the patient stable enough to start more intensive diagnostic testing and examination. It contains items that you probably have in your medicine cabinet, along with some pet-specific needs..

Is there any severe bleeding? We can treat a vast range of health issues and concerns during a home vet visit. Call an emergency vet near you straight away, listen to their advice and let them know you’re on your way. Fall from the roof or higher. Are they frothing at the mouth or drooling lots? Call our number for the emergency vet details.