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Pets, particularly dogs, are curious about everything, and use their mouths to explore items from small to large. Local Amenities. Is there any severe bleeding? We do endeavour to see your pet as soon as possible and our staff will aim to keep you updated on waiting times on arrival.

Barbecue Blues: Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While You Grill. Acute trauma. Have they had/are they having a seizure? Repeat Prescriptions. Established in 2003, we have a wealth of experience in providing emergency treatment and care to ill and injured pets. Vomiting or diarrhea that continues.

Ultrasounds. Being in comfortable and familiar surroundings will greatly aid your pet in the treatment process and will allow us to provide the kind of care and treatments that they need to get better. Our team of professional vets are available outside of business hours by appointment.

Blood Bank. Veterinary Technician Specialists. The goal of triage is to get the patient stable enough to start more intensive diagnostic testing and examination. Cardiology. Your pet will be triaged on arrival and will be seen as soon as possible. Is there any severe bleeding? Here are the contents of a basic Pet First Aid kit:. 

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Our pets can become ill when we least expect it. Do they seem weak, or unsteady? You come home from a long day at work and notice that your pet is acting unusual and doesn’t want to eat his dinner. Here is a list of medical emergencies that come through our door. Have they collapsed?

Any emergency with a cherished pet can be frightening. While in the hospital, you can expect the veterinarian to run certain types of tests such as blood work, X-ray, ultrasound, and other forms of imaging. Alternatively, scroll down for more information on what to do when we are closed.

Treat your pet as you would a toddler, and do a sweep of all potentially dangerous items, such as medications and house cleaners, and stow them away. Any emergency with a cherished pet can be frightening. Please be aware that if your pet is not a critical case other cases may be seen before your pet.

Solihull. Cardiology. Acute trauma. Refilling Your Pet’s Prescriptions with Ease. Or, after a vigorous game of chase with the dogs at the dog park, your Fido comes back limping and wincing when you try to touch him. Are they showing any symptoms of heatstroke? We can treat a vast range of health issues and concerns during a home vet visit. 

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Endoscopy. We appreciate that some pets become extremely nervous upon visiting the vet. Get to know common toxic plants and avoid planting them in the yard or bringing them indoors. Behavior. We know how stressful emergency situations can be. Are they frothing at the mouth or drooling lots? Heatstroke/hypothermia. Call our number for the emergency vet details in Solihull

Exercise Nutrition & Obesity. Eye Care. Our pets can become ill when we least expect it. Have they collapsed? Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Home Renovation. Get in contact with Emergency Vet Dublin now. Second Opinion Vets. Pet Care Advice. The first order of business is to have a pet emergency plan.

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Are they frothing at the mouth or drooling lots? Keeping Fido Clean with Dog Cleaning Wipes. If you are reading this page to determine whether or not you have an emergency, call us!. Do they have a gaping, open wound? Weeknights 7pm until 8am. Keep your pet on flea-tick and heartworm preventatives.

Any emergency with a cherished pet can be frightening. Despite the differences in emergencies, most require seeking veterinary care. If you have an emergency or you cannot find a suitable appointment please call us on 01 414 0830. (248) 334‑6877. Fall from the roof or higher.

Pet Owners. A well-executed triage means that your pet is evaluated and moved to the correct level of urgency as seamlessly and quickly as possible. If the emergency is deemed critical, it is the most immediate level, meaning that it’s a dire situation, such as your pet isn’t breathing..

With over 25 years of veterinary experience, we provide second opinions for all pets and animals. News. Carry a pet first aid kit in case they come into contact with minor ailments. Collect all of your pet’s emergency needs in a convenient area of the home. A veterinary critical care unit is one that treats critical, life-threatening emergencies.