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Our pets can become ill when we least expect it. Emergency Vet Clinic. Barbecue Blues: Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe While You Grill. Here is a list of medical emergencies that come through our door. They also offer a convenient Pet First Aid app that is free and available to download to your phone or device in Flintshire

When It’s a Vet Emergency. For the sake of your furry friend, be aware and prepare!. Poisoning. That’s especially true around the holidays when the family dog is treated to rich, fatty table foods. On behalf of all the staff at the PEH we thank you for your cooperation in this time.

If you are reading this page to determine whether or not you have an emergency, call us!. Does your pet need to see an emergency vet?. Prescription/Food Refills. We ask that if you are going to attend The Pet Emergency Hospital with your pet that you please phone ahead to inform us of your emergency.

If your pet is unstable or unfit to travel when discharged, arrangements may be made for transfer to the UCD vet hospital intensive care unit. Basic First Aid for Pets. That is why we provide an Emergency Vet Service 24/7 for all of our clinics, so you can rest assured that any time you call us, someone will be there on the other end of the line in Flintshire 

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We will do our best to get your pet seen to as soon as we can. With over 30 years of experience in veterinary Services, Based in Flintshire I am available to do house calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for Flintshire's pets and ideally placed to offer you and your pet a great level of service.

We will carry out any treatments or investigations needed and will refer you back to your registered practice the next working day. That is why we provide an Emergency Vet Service 24/7 for all of our clinics, so you can rest assured that any time you call us, someone will be there on the other end of the line in Flintshire

X-Rays. Established in 2003, we have a wealth of experience in providing emergency treatment and care to ill and injured pets. Keep your pet on all required vaccines and those recommended by your vet. Get to know common toxic plants and avoid planting them in the yard or bringing them indoors.

Surgery. For most, the typical response is to run to the phone or computer and look up the symptoms on Google. Collect all of your pet’s emergency needs in a convenient area of the home. During this time, the veterinary team will include you in your pet’s care and update you on recommendations for further testing and possible treatment in Flintshire 

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With over 25 years of veterinary experience, we provide second opinions for all pets and animals. Have they had persistent vomiting, or diarrhoea and appear quieter than normal? Time is of essence in a critical situation. We continue to update our practices according to the latest HSE and WHO recommendations. Here are the contents of a basic Pet First Aid kit:.

Triage, the steps taken to stabilize the medical emergency, means that we start treatment based on levels of care. Pet parasite prevention is a year-round necessity. Our vets and support staff have the experience and expertise to provide the best care that is right for your pet. Exercise Nutrition & Obesity.

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If the item in question can be seen and easily dislodged, do so. Or, after a vigorous game of chase with the dogs at the dog park, your Fido comes back limping and wincing when you try to touch him. Keep tempting edible hazards out of reach – for example, chocolate and raisins are highly toxic for dogs.

A stable pet will be one who needs to be treated but is not in any immediate danger. We can treat symptoms and cases such as trauma, injuries and disease. Your veterinarian will want to know the basics in order to be prepared for treatment upon arrival. Refer new patients and submit records in Flintshire

This includes numbers of vet hospitals and clinics in the area, your pet’s First Aid Kit, and an understanding of basic Pet First Aid (or a quick reference app or guide). When It’s a Vet Emergency. Cardiology. CT Scans. We provide an emergency night vet clinic for pets all over Dublin.

News. The first order of business is to determine what the substance is and how much your pet ingested, while at the same time seeking veterinary care. If you have an emergency or you cannot find a suitable appointment please call us on 01 414 0830. Read MoreEmergencies. At The Pet Emergency Hospital We aim to keep waiting times to a minimum Flintshire.