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Have they collapsed? Fall from the roof or higher. Do you suspect they have broken a bone? Unfortunately, without an accurate veterinary diagnosis, you’re probably going to get a long list of cure-alls from turmeric to lemon juice and a plethora of possible (and impossible) causes in Cardiff

Mobile Vets Cardiff is available across Cardiff by appointment only. Have they eaten something toxic: chocolate, pesticides, medicines, antifreeze? Second Opinion Vets. While there is no magic wand to rid your pet of all potential emergencies in their life, emergency preparedness is key to quick response.

ServicesOur ServicesAll of our general practice veterinary surgeries are supplied with outstanding facilities and the latest industry-standard equipment. Even if your pet isn’t in immediate danger of choking, a swallowed item can lodge in the digestive system and cause severe problems.

Cardiff contact with Emergency Vet Dublin now. Nevertheless, serious conditions we see frequently are:. We are here all year round-nights, weekends and bank holidays, when your pet needs us. Any condition where a pet seems to be getting rapidly worse. Have they had persistent vomiting, or diarrhoea and appear quieter than normal? 

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When the temperature is over 65 degrees, do not leave your dog in a vehicle. Treat your pet as you would a toddler, and do a sweep of all potentially dangerous items, such as medications and house cleaners, and stow them away. Basic First Aid for Pets. Have they had/are they having a seizure?

Or, you wake up to hear your cat retching in the hall, after vomiting throughout the night. The American Red Cross offers tutorials and in-person classes on pet medical emergencies. Exercise Nutrition & Obesity. Now what?!. Acute trauma. For the sake of your furry friend, be aware and prepare! in Cardiff

We are one of the few Emergency Vet Hospitals in Dublin & Meath that open on Sundays & Bank Holidays. Stay Safe. Hit by a car or other trauma. Stay Safe. This dangerous inflammation of the pancreas is another reason why pets come to the ER. Keeping Fido Clean with Dog Cleaning Wipes. Integrative Oncology.

Reviews. Pre-registration, resources & nearby hotels. Getting your pet to safety (i.e. Is there swelling around the face or head? Established in 2003, we have a wealth of experience in providing emergency treatment and care to ill and injured pets. Does your pet need to see an emergency vet?. Surgery. Do you suspect they have broken a bone? 

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If you have an emergency or you cannot find a suitable appointment please call us on 01 414 0830. Keeping Fido Clean with Dog Cleaning Wipes. Outside of these hours please contact your regular Veterinary Practice. Does your pet need to see an emergency vet?. This dangerous inflammation of the pancreas is another reason why pets come to the ER in Cardiff

Refer new patients and submit records. How do I know if my pet needs emergency care? That means that our priority always is, always will be and always has been, the health and care of the animals…. Neutering. News. For Pet Owners. Diagnostic Imaging. Do you suspect they have broken a bone?

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However please be aware that in times when we are dealing with a lot of emergency cases the waiting time may be increased (1-2 hours). Other emergencies we’ve addressed in previous blogs are cancer emergencies, seizures, and kidney failure (if your pet is diagnosed with kidney disease).

The Pet Poison Helpline and ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control can be great resources to review for all pet owners, as these give you detail about all of the substances, plants, food, and otherwise, that can poison a pet. Does your pet require the attention of a professional vet outside of normal business hours?

Calmly and safely take your pet to the emergency veterinary clinic. The inside of the car will reach much higher temperatures rapidly, even when it is cool outside. These situations are not so uncommon for our animal friends, and you have likely had a scare or two before. Have they been bitten by a snake?

Bloomfield Hills, MI. Second Opinion Vets. We appreciate that some pets become extremely nervous upon visiting the vet. Do they seem in pain? Inpatient Care. Alternatively, scroll down for more information on what to do when we are closed. For the very highest standard of Dublin Vet care, get in contact with our veterinary clinic today.